Posted on 19-Mar-2019


The newest Western technology combine with Eastern medicine is offering you bio-feedback and a repair of your DNA. Is the magnet a better solution for pain than drugs? Find out during 3 free sessions of PEMF THERAPY with no obligation - so popular in Europe and Asia that it’s become a standard form of therapy.
This new approach to pain management uses gentle pulsating magnetic fields to bathe cells in pure energy. These pulses safely pass through cell membranes and instantly affect the cell's inner structures - restoring damaged cells, pumping out toxins, and optimizing cell performance without generating heat, creating ionizing radiation, or damaging tissue.

A 24-minute session will give you an experience of what NASA offers to astronaut in space. It will give your body magical relief of pain and first-hand experience of the future of medicine.

Come and visit us for a free trial of 3 sessions and see what Dr. OZ is calling The Revolutionary Cure.

After the 3 FREE THERAPY Session (there are no obligations to buy any packages after the 3 free therapy sessions) We offer therapy sessions packages: 1-month unlimited therapy sessions for $100 and 3-month unlimited therapy sessions for $300. Please contact us for more information or just come and visit us.

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